Wine Steam game links

17 10 2008

I recently setup Steam within wine to enjoy hl2 again. All is good except when I notice Trackmania Forever on the main Steam page as a free download. Try as I might the little clicky install thingy wouldn’t do its job.

Having a sniff around, I came across this, comment #2.

Basically from your browser of choice goto

Navigate to the game your after, click on the purchase/install link and that should open up a small popup window asking whether or not you have steam installed. Right click anywhere within that window and choose “view page source”.

Now your after a chunk of code that looks something like this:

        width="260" height="115"
	class="gotSteam_yes" onmouseover="this.className='gotSteam_yes_ovr';" onmouseout="this.className='gotSteam_yes';"
	onclick="opener.location.href='steam://run/11020'; window.close();"
	>Yes, I already have<br>Steam installed!

The bit that we find interesting is this, “opener.location.href=’steam://run/11020′;

Open that location through wine as noted within the original comment or through Playonlinux like this

playonlinux --run Steam steam://run/11020